Senator Edward Kennedy

This is a brief original blog to note the passing of Edward Kennedy the Senior Senator from Massachussettes.  His father served as Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. His brother Joseph was killed in an experimental aircraft in the midst of World War II.  His brother John Fizgerald was President of the United States of America after having been a Senator and was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  His brother Robert was Attorney General and a United States Senator who was gunned down during his bid for the Presidency of the United States. His sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver  and her husband founded and oversaw the Special Olympics. His niece Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger is the First Lady of California. His nephew John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior was a publisher of “George” a political magazine and died in a plane crash. Given the wealth of his father it is not surprising that with this record of untimely death and public service  many people have called the Kennedy family America’s royal family. While I do not see that as an apt description they are certainly a special family which deserves some recognition.  

Edward Kennedy was a strong and committed voice in the legislation of our country.  He played a significant role in electing Barak Hussein Obama to the Presidency. He was an example of leadership in an era in which leaders are rare. Kennedy was the kind of man who becomes a national monument no matter how one feels about any of his ideas or policies.   

Edward Kennedy is going to be buried in Arlington National Cemetary. My cousin Severin Summers III who was killed in Afghanistan will also be buried there very soon. So he will be linked in my mind by this coincidence to my own family.

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