As American as Mom and Apple Pie….

This was first written on Facebook just before Mother’s Day this Year. Somehow the healthcare debate, economy, war, death of a cousin in battle in Afghanistan and other matters have me thinking about a planned family vacation next week and other thigns related to family. So I chose to repost this here.
There is a saying that nothing is less controversial in America than a speech praising Mom and apple pie. I may not get around to discussing apple pie that much in this note. But I will say not all mothers are always sweet and a higher percentage of apple pies are sweet. I am definitely pro Apple Pie. With al their faults I am also pro mothers. I think humanity should probably plan on continuing to have mothers and a lot of people seem to agree.

This is not the most sentimental Mother’s day message ever written. But it is related to the day we are soon or recently to be observing when this comes out. It is also my 51st Facebook Note. My earliest is dated June 1, 2008. So if I post this one and one other by June 1, then I will really have averaged on a week. If that happens I can do one in early June as kind of transition. So let’s turn our focus to Mom, America and Apple Pie. However, we can go in reverse order. I have always tried to honor Mother’s day. Usually I send cards at least to my Mother, sisters who are mothers and grandmothers. However, this year I will be doing less than usual. It is not the leanest year I have ever had but in many ways it is one of the leanest. I am writing about motherhood in the context of finishing this series of Notes. That also affects the tone and flavor of what I am going to write.

As for my actual Mom and I could list a thousand true facts and make it seem like we had a relationship that is one of the greatest in history. I could list a thousand true facts and make it seem like we have had a really horrible relationship. I think that my awareness of that reality has made reluctant to accept family horror stories or sentimental family word portraits at face value.

While these notes are not nearly the darkest and most grim things which I have written they are much darker and more grim than most of my Mother’s Day cards and poems. I think I can be pretty sure that I won’t write about Mother’s Day in this vein very often. I have already written about mothering numerous times briefly in this series of notes. However, I have not done so with quite this degree of focus and attention.

I am very conservative in many ways. I find that people’s perceptions of what to expect from me if they see I am REALLY conservative in many ways have been very wide of the mark in terms of what I actually do think. So I want to state a few things which I believe and would like to see which are not what one might expect of a Christian Conservative:

1. I favor well-regulated and taxed and paternalistically managaged and limited prostitution. But I favor seeing prostitution outside licensed regimes as mala in se ( a moral crime) and not just malum prohibitum
( a regulatory crime).
2. I favor women’s officers minimum quotas in every law enforcement agency which investigates and prosecutes domestic and sexual crimes in any significant scale.

These two facts fit into a general peception that it would be idiotic, unjust and wierd to structure a society based on the belief that every woman will have one and no more than one sexual partner in her life. I believe that there is in every sense a difference between personal moral ideals and policy but ought not to be a wall of separation.

I do not think that people are generally capable of sane conversations about equality any more. We need a lot more legal discrmination of many kinds at all levels of governments. Quotas where the scale is sufficeient and the quotas are low are a wonderful idea. On the subject of motherhood I think that in any large “vice squad” some small number of the policemen should be required to be the SONS of prostitutes.

One of the patterns that fascinates me the most in life is the pattern of shifting constantly away from truth and reality into that which is meaningless madness by and large. It is possible for motherhood to become caught up in and largely absorbed by madness. However, nothing can make motherhood mostly meaningless. Motherhood is one of the concerns which largely drives the world and human development. For a society to have no real policy regarding motherhood is simply to accept social collapse.

That does not mean that it will happen quickly and notably. I do think that humanity is collapsing bit it is collapsing slowly. Further it will not be so very unpleasant because everyone can happily blame someone else.

I do not really think that society has any priorities that are really much higher than the preservation and enhancement of motherhood. I cannot say I think that using stoneage techn ology here while space age technology is used all aorund mommy makes a lot of sense. I think may we should try to ceonserve cultural values while bringing the profession of motherhood into at least the early bronze age.

I think that as my tone has changed to become ever darker and grimmer in these notes it has liberated me to show how low an opinion I really have of so much of the human world. I want to propose a set of policies which I would not have imposed by force as cookie cutter conformity on all countries, states, or societies which ought to be involved in “working out their own salvation”. However these policies are a put forward as a model in much the way that various model codes of law, most prominently America’s Uniform Commercial Code is put forth. Here are ten laws I would want to enact if I couldin as many places as possible.

1. All secondary schools should offer a long course in the science of Natural Family planning to all girls and a short course to boys without reference to whether or not they teach contraception.
2. One mil of every country’s government budget should be devoted to coupons like US Food Stamps which all mothers and only mothers can use to but listed goods and services.
3. Everyone should have one percent of their gross taxes rebated to their mother for her whole life.
4. There should be a Bureau of Mother’s affairs which acts a safety net providing special support to mothers in multi-level marekting, cottage industries, commercial gardening and poultry and e-commuting.
5.There should be a flat fee of x dollars to every mother for every baby born but with the award being x only for a mother producing the children in a marrige with the father dead or in the home and below the target number of children per woman. There would be discounts for all deviations from that most perfect situation but no woman would receive less than .5x for any baby. This would not be intended as primarily a support but the money as an award.
6. Mothers should receive an additional prize if all of their children pay taxes and are not in the correctional system for five years continuously.
7. A man who marries a widwed mother or one who is divorced without his assistance and who has been divorced for a period of time should get a tax credit and a bonus if she has children at home.
8.The Bureau of Mother’s Affairs should also protect visitation and custody right for all men and women who have them and have standing in divorce and child custody proceedings.
9.Polygamy should be decriminalized under a set of laws which are not equal but proudly discriminatory and regulated by agencies not existing today and single mothers would be most eligible as brides under the marriage license guidelines.
10. All married people ought to get their wedding anniversary off every year as a paid holiday.

I think that really there is also something about motherhood being taken seriously which is conducive to some degree of ehtno-chauvinism and something like racism perhaps. However, my memories of my mother include her managing the campaign for an African- American woman who was running for an office that nobody like her had ever run for before. It was pretty serious work and they lost by a fairly huge margin at the time. My mother has worked really hard and has done a lot of good things. I do not think that human families are wonderful abodes of love and goodness. Some get close but many are living hells almost every second of their existence. But the good that can be done in families is very large and cannot be done elsewhwere in many cases.

I favor moving towards a world where most people in the world would belong to at least one Family Association so I will put forth some guidelines for how a family association might work in a reformed United States:

1. Aside from the mandatory 1% rebate to Moms everyone would have the option to transfer up to one percent of their gross income tax free to up to threefamily associations to which they belong. Once one belonged to the asociation the transfer would be mandatory. The associations would each receive one percent of all members estates upon their deaths.

2. All family associations would be required to deposit a fourth of total revenues in recognized State and Federal programs which would be a kind of super credit union investing in regulated family business low interest loans especially near family homes. These businesses would be allowed to hire family members preferentialy. Richer associations would at least receive sub market interest instead of he total fiscal loss of taxes.

3. Each family association would be specilly licensed corporation with the by- laws establishing a trust, a genealogy protocol and an official membership roll.They would be required to deposit ten percent of each years income in their family Trust. Each trust should be allowed to manitain small farm with day labor jobs on a regulated basis for family members as part of their investment if they can afford it.
A portion of the interest from the trust would be required to be used to purchase insurance products selected from a menu by each association.

4. The Association would have limited legal standing in all legal matters involving two or more family members on opposite side of a civil action and a right of notification in all criminal and administrative matters. These actions would be made a bit cheaper by rights of agency given to special licensed contractors.

5. Association members would be allowed to donate a small amount of money to caregivers through the family association and have the association pay Social Security taxes and help them earn credits in the system. This program would only be for those already working for more than six months without pay for relatives and would only pay minimum wage.

So why change all this stuff?

Why not just encourge mothers to be good and loving for no damn reason at all?

Because I think that humanity is going to hell in a handbasket and this might be a small part of returning to zero and then making the progress many people seem to think we are making. They think that mostly because they are insane.I am not really hoping to change the world with these notes. Mothers Day writing is usually about love and that is good. But I have a telent for hate which my religion keeps me from really developing. Among my favorite people to hate are successful men who do not want to include mothering in the benefits of industry. I really do have agreat capacity for hate, i think I am toeringly talented at the exercise of that point of view.

I am not tagging Sarah my sister who is on this list or my Mom who is on this list. I cannot really justify reading this over a good Helen Steiner Rice verse (yes I really do like Rice’s Mothers Day verses) but I if you are reading it Happy Mother’s Day and I love you. For the rest of you Mom’s out there Happy Mother’s Day. Now do us both a favor and go read a really sweet and sentimental mother’s day poem that rhymes and eat some apple pie even if you are not an American.

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